1st stage - Zandvoord        - 25/02/2018
2nd stage - Brands Hatch     - 11/03/2018
3rd stage - Nordscheleife    - 25/03/2018
4th stage - Laguna Seca      - 08/04/2018
5th stage - Norisring        - 22/04/2018

Server Configuration

Configuration Data
Damage - 50%        Tire Blankets - Yes
Grip   - 100%
TC/ABS - Factory
Weather and temperature
Track                      Weather     Track Temp   Hour    
Zandvoord                  Mid-clear      18°C      15:30        
Brands Hatch               Clear          25°C      09:00       
Nordscheleife              Mid-cloud      13°C      12:00 
Laguna Seca                Clear          29°C      14:00
Norisring                  Light-Cloud    27°C      15:30                

Variation +/- 4°C


Race Time

Briefing -  21:15h
Qualify  -  21:30h
Race     -  21:45h
  • Note this is Brazilian Time, you can compare it to your time zone using this link.


Category PRO
1st Place - Trophy
2nd Place - Medal
3rd Place - Medal

Category AM
1st Place - Medal



General Rules

Discard and points

The Square Racing Club uses the points discard system, where the stage with the lowest score will be discarded from the general classification at the end of the championship.

The discard criteria will only be applied in the first four stages of the championship, therefore, the points earned in the last stage can’t be discarded.

At Nordschleife stage the points will be doubled.

Points Table:

1st   22 points       11th  10 points
2nd   19 points       12th  8 points
3rd   18 points       13th  7 points
4th   17 points       14th  6 points
5th   16 points       15th  5 points
6th   15 points       16th  4 points
7th   14 points       17th  3 points
8th   13 points       18th  2 points
9th   12 points       19th  1 point
10th  11 points

Nordschleife Stage:

1st   44 points       11th  20 points
2nd   38 points       12th  16 points
3rd   36 points       13th  14 points
4th   34 points       14th  12 points
5th   32 points       15th  10 points
6th   30 points       16th  8 points
7th   28 points       17th  6 points
8th   26 points       18th  4 points
9th   24 points       19th  2 points
10th  22 points


Extra Points

It’s also possible to get extra points on each stage, it will be added to the points gathered during the race:

+1 point for the pole Position
+1 point for the drivers that finished at least 50 laps at the training server (15 laps for the Nordschleife stage)
+1 point for the drivers that get the 5 fastest lap times at the training server
  • The extra point for the 5 fastest (top 5) will only be computed if scored until 23:59 of the day before the race.


Tie braker criteria

In case of one or more drivers are tied in number of points by the end of the championship, criteria used for tie braker is best performance, so, will be compared to the amount of victories. Win who have more victories int the championship. If the tie braker still persists, will be compared to the amount of second places and so on, following the table below.

Sum of victories;
Sum of 2nd places;
Sum of 3rd places;
Sum of 4th places;
Sum of 5th places;
Sum of 6th places;
Sum of 7th places;
Sum of 8th places;
Sum of 9th places;
Sum of 10th places;
Sum of 11th places;
Sum of 12th places;
Sum of 13th places;
Sum of 14th places;
Sum of 15th places;
Sum of 16th places;
Sum of 17th places;
Sum of 18th places;
Sum of 19th places;
Sum of 20th places;
Sum of pole positions;


License to qualify for the stage

In this championship there will be no minimum amount of laps to be eligible for each stage.



The teams must be composed by, a maximum of 2 drivers. In case of registration of more than 2 drivers per team, “sub-teams” must be created with different names and skin colors. The team ponctuation (or sub-teams) will be done based on the sum of the drivers scores.


Skins (Car painting)

The skin template of each car will be made available at the download page.

The deadline to send the skins is until 23/02/2018. The skins must be sent through the email:


Mandatory Apps

SimSync Pro

O SimSync Pro synchronize your Assetto Corsa installation with the content needed for the championship.

PLP (Pit Lane Penalty)

The app will be used only to measure the pitlane entry speed.


App to help in track positioning compared to other cars around in any direction.


Used in conjunction with the STracker to receive race information. Because it utilizes an installer, PTracker won’t be available via SimSync Pro. The download link is available at the download page.


The qualify will take place in 15 minutes, where each driver have 4 laps (an opening lap and three fast laps) in a single exit of the pit, in case of an accident, the car must be taken to the box (it is allowed to stop in a safe area and use the options to go back to the pit) and the qualify will be ended.

The driver that complete more than the allowed laps, will get a severe penalty.



Start type – in movement.

In case of accident with more than 30% of the grid during the opening lap, a new start will be done.



Stops at the box

The stops at the box is mandatory according to the pit window. It will open after 15 minutes of the start of the race and will kept open for 30 minutes. The window closes at 45 minutes of the race, except during the last stage where the pit window will be longer.

Will be used the Assetto Corsa native mechanism for the pit window. If the driver don’t stop in the boxes until the end of the window, the game will disqualify the driver automatically.

Penalty and track cuts

No app will be used to control track cuts, the PLP app will be used only for the measurement of the pit lane entry speed.

Drivers who feel impaired by other drivers that they consider taking illegal advantage by cutting the track must fill the Complaint form, describing the cut spots and the lap number where it happened.



The complaints must be done through the complaint form available in the website. It has to be submited until 48 hours after the end of the race. It must have, with the maximum of details, the reason of the complaint, the drivers involved, the number of the lap where the incident happened and any other info that you believe to be needed.

After sending the complaint, the administration will have 48 hours to return an answer to the case.


Severe Penalty - + 30 seconds
Medium Penalty - + 15 seconds
Light Penalty  - + 5  seconds

The penalties will be applied based on the evaluation of the race director taking in consideration the level of reckelessness and recidivism.

The first laps are crucial for a good race, because of the, the first two laps will be analyzed proactively by the race director. Any incident during the first two laps will be punished by a start from the boxes on the next stage.